Officer Training

Strategic training for the best and brightest IT executives

It's Better Than a Boot Camp!

As you look around the Web and find various CIO boot camps, do you find yourself wondering which one is best for you? We have made the answer easy for you Ė our program is radically different from the others and is designed with the modern CIO in mind. While boot camps are for new enlistees to learn the tactical skills they need, an Officers Training program is designed for the best and brightest who are ready to assume strategic leadership roles.

What You Can Expect

Unlike the more traditional CIO Boot Camps where you learn tactical skills and techniques, the CIO Officers Training course at the Institute for CIO Excellence teaches you to think strategically so that you can use your I.T. resources to create significant business value for your company. The coursework, taught by Dr. Richard Routh, merges relevant academic learning with practical and real-world applications to provide participants with the tools and knowledge to be successful in the constantly evolving business world. A certificate is awarded to those who pass the course exam at the end of the two days.

This two-day course covers the following topics:

  • Historical trends and forces behind the ascendancy of the modern corporate CIO
  • The 5-step IT Alignment process to create strategic business value for your company
  • Building the business case when ROI isnít enough: the importance of intangibles for proposed IT projects
  • The principles of leadership and how the CIO uses them to strengthen the IT Alignment process
  • Corporate political communications & corporate political capital
  • (And much more)

Are You Right for the Program?

If you have come to realize that managing your IT Department as a cost center is probably not the best way to advance your career, then you are ready for the CIO Officers Training Course! Graduates of this course include:

  • CIOs of large and medium-sized organizations
  • Forward-thinking IT Directors and Managers (future CIOs)
  • IT leadership teams
  • Other C-Level executives who want to better understand the value of effective CIO leadership

An Investment in Your Future:

The CIO Officers Training Course will challenge your thinking and teach you to challenge the status quo. In addition, this course also doubles as the first weekend of the full CIE certification program. So it is a great way to get of a taste of the full CIE course and then decide later if you want to continue in the longer program.

Fee: $2,495 per person, $6,500 for groups (including the CIO)
Dates: See latest schedule here
Location: USC Upstate Campus in Spartanburg, South Carolina

Space is limited!

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