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Richard Routh

Your Executive Coach: Dr. Richard L. Routh

Dr. Richard L. (Ric) Routh is the Director of the Institute for CIO Excellence and the senior business informatics faculty member at the University of South Carolina at the Upstate campus. He also provides commercial training services to CEOs, CIOs and CMOs, along with a team of professors from the George Dean Johnson College of Business and the Department of Informatics at USC Upstate.

Some highlights from Dr. Routh’s career:

  • Mentoring CIOs and CEOs to become better strategic value creators (since 2002).
  • Director of the Institute for CIO Excellence (since 2005).
  • CEO and Chairman of the Board for the GINESYS Corporation (1991-1999).
  • Special technical advisor to President Reagan’s cabinet on Artificial Intelligence matters (1988).
  • Founder and Director of the U.S. Army’s Artificial Intelligence Training Center (1985-1988).
  • Author of several books for business executives to include: The Power of Role (2007) and How to Build Corporate Political Capital-For New Executives (2008).

Dr. Routh has made it his career goal to specialize in helping others to develop their abilities to become strategic value creators for their organizations. He is an ardent believer in the maxim’s “It all comes down to Leadership” and “Nothing in technology really counts unless it builds value for the company.”

In 2004, he joined the University of South Carolina as the senior faculty member for Business Informatics. In 2005, he became the Director of the Institute for CIO Excellence.

Dr. Routh has mentored and guided many executives through the steps they need to become significantly influential corporate executives who are focused on, and skilled in, creating strategic value for their companies.

To talk more about getting started, email Dr. Richard (Ric) Routh or call his administrative assistant, Ms. Margarita Rodriguez, at 864-704-2617 to set up a telephone appointment.