The Certified Information Executive Course

The Only University Vetted Certification for Strategic and Effective IT Executives

What Our Graduates Say:

"A must have for any IT executive looking to accelerate his or her career."

Eric L. Garner, Technology Director, RE/MAX

"The CIE course is not a 'how to seminar'. It is a high level course valuable to anyone desiring to enhance their skills as a CIO. The course teaches critical skills for implementing principles of sound IT Alignment and Governance that will increase the strategic value of any IT department."

Michele Branch, Columbia International University

"The CIE course was valuable in helping me make the transition from IT Director to CIO."

Marvin Reem, CIO of Bob Jones University

Other Testimonials from graduates who asked to remain anonymous:

"Engaging, relevant instruction providing a broad perspective on how to be an effective CIO."

"It gave me a new perspective on what the CIO should be doing."

"Helped fine tune skills in the area of effective communication in a political environment."

"The in-residence course provided real world examples and a place for critique of your current processes and how to improve how you go about doing your job."

"Understanding the process...helps me right now with the projects I'm working on and how to go about building IT Project Strategy in the future."