About The Institute for CIO Excellence

"CIOs and IT Directors are among the most overworked, underutilized, and unappreciated executives in corporate America today. They're often treated as an operational necessity, but nothing more. Graduates of The Institute for CIO Excellence are among the select few CIOs that rise above this stereotype and become respected corporate leaders and strategic value creation champions."

- Dr. Richard Routh, Founder of The Institute for CIO Excellence

We Prepare Senior I.T. Leaders to be more Business Relevant

The Institute for CIO Excellence was founded by its Director, Dr. Richard L. Routh to train IT Executives to become CIOs who strategically create value for their companies and advance their careers. Our graduates and the companies they work for see immediate transformational results. Our CIO courses and coaching are tailored for the demands on modern CIOs.

Our Distinctives:

  • Listed in the number 8 position on the Leading Trends "Top 50 Resources for CIOs"
  • Your instructors and coaches will be top-talent experienced industry executives.
  • Real-world applicable knowledge to make you more successful, not just theoretical concepts.

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